Mónica Orjuela

Portaits/Retratos #1 

Dora Lucy is a lawyer and represents the victims in a number of emblematic human right cases. She became a victim of illegal surveillance and persecution by Colombian authorities during the government of former president Álvaro Uribe.

Portraits/Retratos: This small project consists of four short stories about women human’s rights defenders in Colombia; we approached their lives as women, mothers, sisters, daughters and leaders. They come from different regions, cultures and diverse living conditions. They are unique pieces, but together make one story that forms a whole – women as builder of peace -. They have in common that work everyday for peace and justice, but also they are survivors of the conflict and still working amid threatens, forced displacement, persecution and defamation.

These women are certainly human right defenders. They have had to learn ways and strategies for overcoming fear make sacrifices and continuing with they work. Despite the risks they remains committed to working for justice and peace. They recognize that being a woman has meant overcoming various obstacles during their career as leaders. But at the same time they fell happy working with communities and human rights.

We believe that peace without women´s voices and experiences is impossible. Their work and participation in diverse political, cultural, economic spheres are essential in this aim. These stories is an opportunity to hear their voices, look at their strengths but also see the peace from their point of views, from the happiness despite atrocities that they faced.

Project by Colombian journalist and documentary film maker Monica Orjuela, in cooperation with Peace Brigades International.